“quantum changes” in science and education through integrated pursuit of synthetic and analytical molecular research will foster the young future leaders.


  2009/1/6 Prof. Takenori Kusumi Joins the Program.
  2008/5/13 Five New Faculties Join the G-COE Program.
2007/12/14 Observing shock-induced lattice deformation of CdS crystal
by 100-ps time-resolved single-shot Laue diffraction (Prof.Koshihara)


2011/12/27 :“The Joint International GCOE Symposium for Emergence of New Molecular Chemistry and Materials Innovation" (January 30th, 2012)
2009/07/23 Nobel laureate to talk on chemistry ( August 24, 2009 )
2008/12/3 Program Members were renewed
  2008/7/25 Center Featured in Tokyo Tech Bulletin
2008/7/25 Program Members were renewed
2008/5/8 G-COE Professors were introduced
2008/3/17 Home page (English version) has been opened.
2008/3/17 International Workshop on Process Intensification 2008 (IWPI2008) will be held on October 15-18, 2008.